Disney plans to kill Jack Sparrow

They will make more Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow will not appear and Disney is clear about what he wants to do with the character.

Pirates of the Caribbean is a great movie franchise that has grossed over $ 4 billion from its 5 movies. Taken from a Disney theme park attraction, this action adventure owes its success to the fearless interpretation of Johnny depp What Jack sparrow. Although the film studio was not convinced by what the actor was doing when they made the first film, it ended up shocking audiences and critics. That's why he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor (Sean Penn won for Mystic River).

Now, because of the judicial problems of Johnny depp with his ex-wife Amber Heard, at Disney they have decided not to have the actor again to play Jack sparrow in future installments of Pirates of the Caribbean. But also, they intend to kill the character. So they will make the sixth installment but we will not be able to see the intrepid Captain, but it will be mentioned that he has died, although that is not seen on the screen.

In fact, there will be whispers and rumors throughout the pirate community that Jack sparrow he simply faked his own death to get out of whatever new debt he finds himself in. In fact, it is something that would fit very well with the character and they reserve an option of the possible return in case things between Disney and Johnny depp get better some day. Also remember that at the end of Dead Man's Chest (2006) we already gave him up for dead and he managed to return despite being swallowed by the Kraken.

Now they will need new pirate heroes.

Without Jack sparrow, the saga of Pirates of the Caribbean will have to face a new stage. In fact, the new movies might even be about moving from the piracy era to a more modern age. A kind of struggle between the old and the new, where some still try to cling to a life that is ceasing to exist.

The most interesting rumors place Margot robbie as the new leader of an all-female pirate crew. She would have a role similar to that of Jack sparrow and it should not be ruled out that they even have a family relationship. Hence they mention his death and that fact is important to the plot.

Hopefully soon they reveal all the plans they have for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Meanwhile, you can see the 5 installments of the saga in which it is Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) on the platform streaming Disney Plus.

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