Disney princess culture benefits children

One study claims that Disney princess culture actually has a positive impact on children's audience behavior.

A long-term study of the effects of the so-called “princess culture” on children revealed surprising results. They suggest that interest in Disney princesses has a positive impact on boys, especially in the realm of gender roles and a rejection of toxic masculinity.

The most fascinating aspect of the study is that it was conducted by the Brigham University professor Young Sarah Coyne. He had previously conducted a study in 2016 that specifically showed the negative effects on children through their interest in princess culture.

Influences the way of thinking about gender

Coyne explained the difference between the old results and the new ones: “Our previous study found that in the short term, the princess culture had a negative effect. But this changes over time. We now see positive long-term effects of princess culture on thinking about gender. She added: As a developmental psychologist, I am interested in observing things over time. What's fascinating is that princess culture has really deep and beautiful things about femininity and relationships. If we can hold onto that, it can be really healing for humanity. "

He interviewed 300 children and their parents during preschool and, once again, five years later. In the short term, interest in Disney princesses was found to increase stereotypes in children. In the long term, the effects were largely positive.

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“The culture of the princesses gives women key arguments in which they are the protagonists. They follow their dreams, help those around them and become individuals who are not prescribed a role due to their gender, ”she explains. However, Coyne notes that new Disney princesses like Moana and Elsa are especially important in teaching these lessons.

It encompasses the feelings and the importance of the inner aspect

The effect is the same for girls and boys: “It tells both boys and girls that they can be all sorts of different things. They are not supposed to be just one thing, which can be powerful. Guys who are exposed to princess culture at a young age tend to express emotions better in their relationships, Coyne says. Instead of repressing their feelings or feeling like they must fight someone who challenges them, they can express their emotions in a non-violent way.


ElsaIn conclusion, point out the key. It is about emphasizing the actions of the characters and not their physical appearance. “Focus on the humanity behind each princess, not just their appearance. Princesses like Moana are full of depth, passion, and kindness. The story is not about how you look, but about following your dreams and finding who you are. Parents can take these interpersonal qualities and help their children grow. We can show them that princesses offer great depth beyond appearance. "

If you want to read more information about it, Julie Jargonfrom The Wall Street Journal provides more information.

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