Disney restructuring will affect Marvel and Star Wars movies

Disney was shocked when it announced a massive corporate restructuring effort that will change the Marvel and Star Wars franchises.

The Coronavirus has hit hard Disney, since much of the volume of its business is stopped because it is based on theme parks, cruises and movies. So you only have the sale of merchandising and the streaming platform. So the executives have decided to unify all facets of their entertainment business under one roof. As the Disney boss suggested, Bob chapek, it's all an effort to put a greater focus on the company's streaming platforms as uncertainty continues to spread throughout the film industry, primarily affecting Marvel and Star Wars.

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So with a greater focus on the platform streaming Disney +, the plans are that there will be more films destined to the digital format that will not reach theaters. This means that series like The Mandalorian, Wandavision or The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Marvel and Star Wars 90-minute originals will be added.

Budgets will be different.

This restructuring will change the way Marvel and Star Wars films are produced. Since the format of The Mandalorian will be imposed and thus lower costs. While the true blockbusters will still be reserved for theaters (if all goes back to normal). The smaller movies will be directly on Disney + in a move that would help further strengthen the Marvel and Star Wars universes.

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This is good news for fans, since all those minor but very interesting characters will have a space reserved for them. Because it will be much less risky to release those movies on the streaming platform.

This is how Bob Chapek, head of Disney, explains it:

“Given the incredible success of Disney +. Our plans are based on accelerating our direct-to-consumer business. That is why we are strategically positioning our company to more effectively support our growth strategy and increase shareholder value. Managing the creation of content that is different from the Marvel and Star Wars distribution will allow us to be more effective and agile in making the content that consumers want the most. So it will be delivered the way they prefer to consume it ”.

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