Disney study reveals secrets to lasting friendship

54% affirm that their childhood best friend is still their current best friend and that to maintain contact, WhatsApp is used in 56% of cases

Loyalty, trust and sharing similar values ​​are the keys to a lasting friendship relationship, according to a study led by on the occasion of International Friendship Day (July 30). The study is based on a survey conducted around the launch of the Stay True campaign celebrating 90 years of friendship and on-screen adventures of the 6 main Disney characters: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto and Goofy.

The 6 main characters are famous for demonstrating loyalty, one of the fundamental characteristics that 65% of people seek in their friendly relationships, according to the survey. The study also reveals that Spaniards believe that sharing similar values ​​(48%), trust (47%), accepting the differences of the other person (46%), being kind (45%) and generosity (41%) are , in this order, the ingredients for a true and, above all, lasting friendship. Furthermore, respondents claim to have an average of 4 very close friends and to have found their best friend at the average age of 16 years.

54% of Spaniards also declare that their childhood best friend is still their current best friend and that 22% occupy an important role in their weddings as godparents or witnesses. One in 3 respondents confesses having met their best friend at work, but it should be noted that 71% also believe that it is important to change friends according to different stages of life.

In addition, the survey reveals that 1 in 3 Spaniards see their best friends every day and that the most popular ways of maintaining contact are via WhatsApp (56%), telephone calls (23%) and social networks (8%). 37% say they have close friends at work because of the time they spend at the office and the support they receive from them in everyday problems.

Disney has launched the challenge on their social networks #MickeyFriendshipChallenge with which it encourages fans to share and tag their friends with different digital supports made for the occasion such as: surveys, wallpapers, stickers and even frames for selfies. This digital initiative has the international support of well-known celebrities such as actress and producer Yara Shahidi, supermodel Gigi Hadid or award-winning artist Chance the Rapper who have helped promote the campaign on their networks by publishing photos with their best friends: Sayeed Shahidi, Ehsan Shahidi, Olivia Perez and Taylor Bennett.

The friendship expert, the doctor Irene S. Levine He affirms that Mickey and his friends' group is a clear example of true friendship since they all have very different personalities but they complement each other and the formula works since neither of them expect perfection from the other. For example, if Goofy is wrong or Donald's character brings out the best in him, the group is able to remain undaunted and forgive.

Levine also explains that having a group of very different friends is very natural since it is very difficult to find a person with the same interests. The fact of being culturally different, having different hobbies, attitude or way of being can be attractive when it comes to establishing a friendship since it brings something different to the relationship.

Dr. S. Levine adds: “We will always need close friends. Friends help us grow, reduce stress, bring out our positive side, and limit unhealthy behaviors. Just as Mickey and his gang provide an inexhaustible source of joy and happiness between them, the same is true in our social circles. We can learn a lot from the way different characters have treated each other through more than 90 years of friendship. ”

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