Disney to remake The Lion King 2

It is clear that Disney will continue to exploit its animation classics as much as it can and now they report that it will make the remake of The Lion King 2.

It seemed almost impossible to make a live action version of The Lion King, since having no human characters, everything was done in CGI. So telling the story with animals that seem real, instead of cartoons, could lose its humor. But people liked it, as it raised more than $ 1,656 million. Now they have announced that they will The Lion King 2, but the director will not repeat Jon favreauas he is working on the series of The Mandalorian of Star wars.

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Director Barry jenkins (Moonlight, The Beale Street Blues), will replace Jon favreau behind the camera. The one that will repeat will be Jeff Nathanson, who wrote the script for the 2019 remake. For now, no release date has been set and it's unclear who, exactly, of the cast will be returning, but we imagine most of the lead actors will return. The Lion King 2.

What will the new movie be about?

Looking at the details of the plot, it seems that "The story will further explore the mythology of the characters, including Mufasa's origin story". So it looks like they will go in a different direction than the animated versions. As The Lion King 2: Simba's Treasure (1998), starred Simba's daughter, Kiara, while The lion king 3 followed the solo adventures of Rudder Y Pumbaa, putting a twist on the story told by the first movie.

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we hope that The Lion King 2 surpass the original and be a great story with these interesting characters that has a lot to teach. Since many people criticized the first installment because it lacked the heart and energy that the classic animation version wasted.

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