Disney will decide which movies will be released in theaters or streaming

Disney decidirá qué películas se estrenarán en el cine o en streaming

Because of the coronavirus, Disney and many more producers had to delay their releases. According to rumors, the house of the mouse is deciding which are the films that will hit the big screen and which will only be released in streaming.

All the film studios are seeing how they will be handled from now on, taking into account the existence of COVID-19 and the complications that this generates. Disney He took advantage of a call with the shareholders to estimate the losses that the company will suffer due to the pandemic, and also to give a few brushstrokes about his strategy regarding film premieres. Especially after seeing the case Trolls 2: World Tour and its success on video on demand.

Bob Chapek, new CEO of Disney, He explained that they are going to study how to release films on a case-by-case basis, as Deadline says: “We believe a lot in the value of the cinematographic experience. But we also believe that either due to changing and evolving consumption dynamics or due to certain situations such as COVID, we may have to make changes in the general strategy… We will evaluate each of our films on a case-by-case basis, as we are doing in this coronavirus situation ”.

The studio has already decided to premiere directly on Disney + the Artemis Fowl tape, which before the coronavirus was intended to hit theaters. They made that decision because of the “demographic appeal” of the film and the streaming platform, which has already reached 54.5 million subscribers. Its first post-pandemic release is Mulan, who plans to arrive in theaters on July 24. Date that seems increasingly complicated to meet, seeing how it is affecting the pandemic in the United States.

It is logical that the distributors are thinking that the agreements with the cinemas on the distribution windows have become obsolete after the coronavirus. Trolls 2: World Tour It has shown that you can make a profit from a digital premiere, although it would have to be seen if they could achieve the same in a situation where families were not confined to their homes.

When will filming resume?

Disney He has all the filming of his movies and series on hiatus due to the pandemic. Bob Chapek commented at the same meeting that they will not be taken up again until it is completely certain: “In terms of large-scale production, we are going to follow the same process that we have followed with the theme parks… we are going to be responsible in terms of how we put our employees and other filmmakers who partner with us. ” When do you think it will be? "We have no projections of when exactly we will be able to do that."

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