Dune: Jason Momoa's character is key to possible sequels

Dune, Denis Villeneuve's new film, stars Jason Momoa in the cast. Apparently, the character of the actor is key for possible sequels in the future.

Dune, the new film directed by Denis Villeneuve, has a great cast charged with representing this story on the big screen. Among recognized names is Jason Momoa, who gifted us with important characters in the DCEU and Game of Thrones. On this occasion, the interpreter will play Duncan Idaho, who apparently is a fundamental character for possible sequels in the future.

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Dune is the first novel in the series of books written by Frank Herbert. The first book is located more than ten thousand years in the future, a time in which men have consolidated a powerful galactic empire of feudal structure. The star character is Paul Atreides, heir to House Atreides led by Duke Leto. At first, the whole family is transferred to the desert planet of Arrakis by order of the Emperor to take his control in every way, because it is the only world in the entire known universe that contains the valuable melange spice, secreted by worms native giants, harvested thanks to dangerous methods and indispensable for the control and management of the empire. But there are many more secrets on Arrakis than the Atreides are aware of.

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A key character for the sequels

In the first novel Duncan Idaho, a character played by Jason Momoa, is not as important as other characters in the story. And if we pay attention, in the trailer for Dune does not appear much. In this way, it is very noticeable that they have hired a renowned actor for a not so important character. But ... what if we are not wrong?

In Dune, Idaho, he is the Atreides family's master of arms and the protector of the little heir Paul. He is the first to arrive on Arrakis, long before the leaders of the noble house, with the aim of establishing relations with the Fremen, the native people of the planet. Soon after, he develops a bond with Stilgar, a warrior and chief of the place, who later takes under his wing the homeless Paul and Lady Jessica.

SPOILERS! But Duncan Idaho's life in Dune isn't too long. However, if Denis Villeneuve's film is very successful, we could witness Duncan's fate for the first time on the big screen thanks to the sequels.

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