Dune: The director reveals that the film is not ready yet

Dune, the new film that Denis Villeneuve is preparing with Timothée Chalamet as the protagonist, has not yet been finalized. The director revealed some details about the tape and his work.

Although the coronavirus crisis removed the entire release schedule, causing some films to be delayed until 2021 and others to be undated; Dune continues with its same release date of December 18 of this year. In an interview to promote the Shanghai International Film Festival, the director spoke of the problems he is having in finishing the film on time, evidently because of the pandemic.

"It is going to be a real sprint to finish the movie on time, because we will only be allowed back on set in a few weeks, which means I will have to finish some parts of the movie like special effects and editing while I am in Montreal and the rest of my team in Los Angeles, ”explained Denis Villeneuve. Luckily, production ended just before the confinements began, but the director wanted to shoot new takes to improve the film that have finally been discarded:“ I had planned come back and shoot some items later because I wanted to readjust the movie. I needed time. At the time I didn't know there was going to be a pandemic… we were just about to go back to do those shots. ”

For the director of Dune, a story that will have a new trilogy, the biggest obstacle to taking the film forward remotely, that is, from confinement, has been editing: “As a director there are things you can do in the distance to deal with With technology. Supervising special effects with some teams is easy from afar, but for me the great lesson I get is that I thought it would be possible to edit from a distance. ”

Some complications

Joe Walker, who has been working with Villeneuve since 2015, is in charge of the montage of the film and although they have a very close relationship, they are having a hard time replicating it with Dune: “But I realize how much it is to edit music with someone and you need to be In the same room. There is something about interaction, human interaction, spontaneity, energy in the room. I really miss not being in the same room as my fitter… it's very, very painful. ”

Warner Bros will release Dune this December 18.

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