DUNE will have a new trilogy

Now that they are in the middle of filming the new adaptation of DUNE, they have announced that they will make a new trilogy of this mythical saga.

DUNE It is a franchise that has existed for more than five decades. It is something in which the author Frank Herbert he put many years of his own life. He produced six of his own books before his untimely death. But then your son, Brian Herbert, took over and published more stories. Since 1999, we have seen 13 of his and co-author novels Kevin J. Anderson.

Now, thanks to an update of the own Brian Herbert, we know there is another new trilogy of DUNE on going. Herbert resorted to social networks to make the announcement.

“Kevin and I are excited to announce a new trilogy for Tor Books, centered on Duke Leto, Lady Jessica and Paul, that leads directly to the events at DUNE. We have written the first novel, THE DUKE OF CALADAN, to be published on October 13! The cover will be revealed soon! ”

Based on information from Amazon, the book will record approximately 320 pages. But that is not the only detail we have. We also got a complete synopsis.

The protagonist of the new story of DUNE It will be Leto Atreides, Duke of Caladan and father of the Muad’Dib. While everyone knows of his son's fall and rise, little is known about Caladan's silent ruler and his partner Jessica. Or like a duke from an inconsequential planet he won the favor of an emperor, the wrath of the Harkonnen household, and died of a great conspiracy.

With patience and loyalty, Leto serves the Golden Lion Throne. Where others conspire, the Duke of Caladan acts. But Leto's powerful enemies are beginning to feel that he is rising beyond his position, and House Atreides is gaining importance. With invisible enemies hanging around, Leto must decide if the twin burdens of duty and honor are worth the price of his life, family, and love.

With the arrival of the new movie DUNE of Denis Villeneuve, It is a good time for fans of the saga. If that movie were to be successful, this Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson release will be a great way to delve deeper into the most relevant characters.

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