Dwayne Johnson could join the MCU

While Dwayne Johnson already has a fixed character in the DCEU of Warner Bros, new rumors ensure that Marvel Studios want the actor to be part of his vast universe.

Dwayne Johnson He is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood thanks to his contributions to action and family cinema. The 48-year-old star remains in force in the voracious industry, and superhero cinema is about to be his home. But we are not talking about the accurate role you already have in the DCEU of Warner Bros, but in the possibility of a new role in the MCU of Marvel Studios.

Occasionally, studio executives indulge in finding new faces for characters they want to intrigue. A new rumor points out that Dwayne Johnson would be in the MCU's plans. According to the We Got This Covered report, the great powers of Marvel Studios feel desperate to have Dwayne in their ranks and they would be willing to create an original superhero just for him.

This would be possible?

In April 2019, the DCEU presented us Shazam! movie that tells the adventures of Billy Batson, who is chosen to acquire the skills of the powerful superhero just by saying his name. At the age of 14, Billy gets the chance to become a mature man of incredible gifts that any teenager could only dream of. The film had a budget of $ 80 million and grossed $ 364 million worldwide, making it a moderate success for Warner Bros.

However, Dwayne Johnson it will become in Black Adam for the DCEU, Shazam's arch enemy. This is a man born in Ancient Egypt who long served Pharaoh. Adam was about to be chosen by Shazam as heir to his powers, however circumstances made him corrupt and for a long time his soul lived trapped in the tomb of Ramses II until its subsequent discovery several centuries later. Comic book history continued to feature an Adam of unorthodox methods. As for his abilities, Black Adam is a Shazam equivalent, with exactly the same powers.

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