Dwayne Johnson wants to sign Hollywood's biggest star for Black Adam

Actor Dwayne Johnson wants to make a splash for his movie Black Adam and that's why he's trying to sign one of the most popular actors of the last 40 years.

Black adam It is still very far from its premiere, in fact they have not started filming yet, but little by little they are adding actors to the cast. How will it be the first time Dwayne johnson plays a character of DC Comics, he wants the movie to be a tremendous success. That is why he has asked Warner Bros. make an effort and hire one of the biggest movie stars of the last decades, Tom cruise.

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According to the information that comes from the same sources that got the program that will come to HBO Max on Green Lantern and that Ben affleck will return as Batman in the film The Flash, now they assure that Dwayne johnson is very eager to work with Tom crusie and is actively trying to find a role for him to make a cameo in Black adam and that later it was very important for the sequel. So for now, the only person who could prevent this from happening is himself Tom cruise.

Tom cruise

Today Tom Cruise's schedule is full of big projects.

The actor is currently shooting Mission Impossible 7 and it will also premiere the eighth installment of the action saga. He also has a fascinating project that will be shot directly in space. But there are also certain rumors that Marvel wants to hire you to be a Iron Man / Tony Stark of the alternative Universe that we can see in Doctor Strange and the multiverse of madness (2022). So there could be a race between Marvel Y DC Comics to sign before Tom cruise. And it is clear that Dwayne johnson wants to get you to sign with them to appear on Black adam.

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We hope they will confirm this news soon and that Dwayne johnson Y Tom cruise share a screen, something that would be very interesting to see.

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