Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam won't include Hawkgirl

Despite including Hawkman on its roster, the movie Black Adam will not include Hawkgirl as a member of the Justice Society of America.

Dwayne Johnson confirms that Hawkgirl will not appear in the DC movie Black Adam. While Black Adam's debut in the DCEU won't come until 2021, Johnson's involvement with the project dates back several years. Johnson began developing Black Adam in 2008 with the dream of starring in it, but the process has been quite slow. Finally, Black Adam will be a reality and production is expected to begin next year.

Dwayne Johnson has been enthusiastically promoting the project, which will also star Noah Centineo as a member of the Justice Society of America as Atom Smasher.

Johnson and Centineo participated last weekend in the DC FanDome, where they shared some news of the DC movie and although they had no images to show, Johnson revealed a video made with concept arts that showed the origins of Black Adam as a former slave who becomes an extremely powerful seeker of justice. Johnson was also able to reveal which other JSA members will be included in Black Adam, something fans had been very curious about. In addition to Atom Smasher, the three characters who will make their big screen debut will be Hawkman, Doctor Fate, and Cyclone.

Hawkgirl won't appear in Black Adam

Of course, when Hawkman is mentioned, Hawkgirl is expected to make an appearance as well. However, the DC superhero was not included during the film's panel at the DC fandome, leading some fans to wonder where she is. Dwayne Johnson responded to a fan and explained that “Hawkgirl was 100% of our original JSA team, but lsadly, it is a complicated story that I will share with fans in the future. But it opened the door to another incredible opportunity for another actress to step in and crush the role of Cyclone. I think everything works as it should be ”.

The character could appear in a sequel

This comment by the actor suggests that something must have happened to finally be left out of the story. So it almost seems that there were some kind of rights issues that prevented Hawkgirl from being in the movie, but that seems unlikely given that the character has appeared in various television series and animated films. So it's unclear what could have stopped him from appearing in Black Adam, but fans might find out in the future if Johnson can tell them. It bodes well that Johnson is excited about the addition of Cyclone, and it will be interesting to see this JSA come to life on the big screen.

Now that the characters have been revealed, there is a lot of curiosity around who will play them. So far, Johnson and Centineo are the only people confirmed for Black Adam, though Johnson recently joked that Ryan Reynolds would be playing Hawkman. DC FanDome would have been the perfect opportunity to announce the rest of the cast, but since that did not happen we will have to wait a little longer to hear about it. Perhaps the studio is waiting for production to start to make sure there are no last minute changes. However, fans are excited to meet Black Adam's JSA.

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