Eddie Redmayne publicly defended J.K. Rowling

After the great scandals that J.K. Rowling, actor Eddie Redmayne decided to show support for the writer of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.

Although Harry Potter was the childhood of many, J.K. Rowling is being criticized even by the fans of the saga. It turns out that the author of the story has recently gotten into great scandals and even the protagonists of the saga decided to go against her. But in the midst of so much storm, Eddie Redmayne, protagonist of Fantastic Animals, decided to defend it publicly.

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The whole scandal began with the controversial "likes" that the author gave to transphobic posts on Twitter, but that was not all. The situation got out of hand when J.K. Rowling made her thoughts known in December last year, when she came out to defend researcher Maya Forstater. Despite criticism, she declared in June that allowing trans women to enter "real" women's restrooms was endangering the latter. The war on social networks does not stop, and Eddie Redmayne himself had to calm the waters a bit.

The actor's help

Eddie Redmayne, who played Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl, is currently working on the third installment of Fantastic Beasts, written and produced by Rowling. During an interview, the actor explained that the hatred that has been launched against the author is "absolutely disgusting" and revealed that he sent a private message to her to support her against the bullying she receives.

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However, the actor also decided to show his support for the trans community and commented that both his friends and colleagues suffer discrimination, so he believes that he should stop the harassment of J.K. Rowling and trans people: "Similarly, there continues to be a terrible torrent of abuse towards trans people on the internet and in the world that is devastating."

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