Edgar Wright shares a strange encounter with Bill Murray

Edgar Wright comparte un extraño encuentro con Bill Murray

Director Edgar Wright shares an anecdote he had with Bill Murray at a farewell party for the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Bill murray has had a long and storied career in comedy, beginning in the 1970s with his appearances on the early seasons of SNL, and continuing through the 1980s with a host of classics such as The crazy club (1980), The Ghostbusters (1984) and Caught in time (1993). After a series of personal problems and box office failures, Murray spent most of the 1990s trying to avoid the spotlight.

However, freelance director Wes Anderson reinvigorated his career by casting him for Rushmore Academy (1998) and The Tenenbaums: A Family of Geniuses (2001), which led to his Oscar-nominated role in Lost in translation (2003) by Sophia Coppola. Bill Murray and Anderson have collaborated frequently since then, with the actor appearing in most of their films, including the voice of the badger in Fantastic Mr. Fox, an adaptation of the classic children's tale by Roald dahl. At the same time, Murray has earned a reputation for his eccentric demeanor, often taking acting jobs on a whim and randomly showing up at parties or restaurants to the delight of fans, only to abruptly leave soon after.

This is the eccentric anecdote.

Now, Edgar wright, the British director of the Cornetto trilogy, Baby Driver and the upcoming Last Night in Soho, shared his encounter with Bill Murray. Wright tweeted that Jason Schwartzman, another frequent Anderson star, introduced him to Murray outside a London pub where the Fantastic Mr. Fox crew's farewell party was taking place. The director says Murray sneakily offered to share. something with him before pulling an energy drink out of his coat, causing Wright to drink half of it and then disappear.

You can read the story below:

“For a little lightness here, enjoy my Bill Murray story. At a Fantastic Mr Fox crew farewell party at the Palm Tree in Mile End, Jason Schwartzman introduced me to Murray in the parking lot. Murray beckoned me and said, “Do you want to share half of this?” and then he took out of his coat a 5 HOUR ENERGY DRINK. He opened it, drank half, saw me drink the other half, said “That's good” and then ran off into the night without saying another word. “

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