Emma Stone will also sue Disney for Cruella

Actress Emma Stone believes that the way Disney has treated Cruella has hurt her financially and will sue the film studio.

Recently Scarlett Johansson made the decision to sue Disney because according to his lawyers they breached the contract by releasing Black widow mixed in cinemas and streaming platform Disney Plus. This took the film studio by surprise, which defended itself with a statement, but it seems that now Emma Stone will do the same for the movie Cruella.

The actress Emma Stone, was an executive producer and starred in the origin story of 101 Dalmatians. She had percentage earnings bonuses and back-end clauses built into her deal. Cruella has earned a respectable $ 225 million so far at the box office, but like Black Widow, his arrival at the same time Disney Plus hindered that earning potential. That means very less pay for the actress.

Next up could be Emily Blunt.

TO Scarlett Johansson by Black Widow and Emma Stone for Cruella you could join them Emily blunt by Jungle Cruise, as another actress unhappy with this kind of mixed premiere. But we must also add that his co-star Dwayne johnson he charged a lot more money than she did and he will also receive a bigger bonus. So it should not be ruled out that he opts for the judicial route.

By the end of the year, many actors and directors who had worked in Warner Bros. complained about this type of premieres, but it seems that Disney It is hurting you more as you will face multiple lawsuits. In addition, this will probably serve so that from now on the contracts of the stars change a lot. Although it is complicated, since streaming platforms are quite opaque in terms of figures, so it is more difficult to know the box office they do with their Premium releases.

Emma Stone Y Scarlett Johansson They must be clear that facing Disney will affect their careers, because it is the largest film studio in the world. But if they have not respected their contracts, they have every right to demand, through the courts, that they be rewarded.

Let's hope they reach an agreement, meanwhile, you can see Cruella, Black widow Y Jungle cruise in the Disney Plus streaming platform.

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