Enola Holmes enters the Top 10 most watched on Netflix

The film Enola Holmes is a success and is already among the Netflix premieres with the most views on the streaming platform.

Starring Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things), Henry cavill (Superman), Sam claflin (The Hunger Games) and Helena Bonham Carter (Alice Through the Looking Glass), the movie Enola Holmes of Netflix it broke records for a few weeks after its release. It also reached the number one position in 78 countries around the world and obviously after this there are a lot of rumors about a possible sequel or even a spin-off starring Henry cavill how Sherlock Holmes. Director Harry bradbeer he went even further and said he wanted to make up to 5 deliveries.

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Now Netflix has finally released the official data, and the first adventure of the brave heroine Enola Holmes was seen in 76 million homes during its first month of broadcast. This causes it to hit the Netflix Top 10:

Extraction (Tyler Rake) - 99 million
Blindly - 89 million
Spenser: Confidential - 85 million
6 in the shade - 83 million
The old guard - 78 million
Enola Holmes - 76 million
Project Power - 75 million
Criminals at sea - 73 million
My first kiss 2 - 66 million
the Irish - 64 million

There will be changes to this classification soon.

Two recent releases will likely cause the Top 10 to change, plus Enola Holmes it will surely advance some positions. But this list will enter Hubie's Halloween starring Adam Sandler, which is a comedy about a man who loves Halloween parties and wants everyone to be safe. But that year very strange things will happen that only he can solve. Also another movie that is pushing hard is The Chicago 7 trial by Aaron Sorkin as it is currently what everyone is seeing in Netflix.

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Have you seen the movie Enola Holmes? What did you think? Leave us your comments below in the opinion section.

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