Eternals star shares first movie poster

Eternals star Don Lee may have inadvertently shared a first look at the movie poster

Reflecting on the time he spent working on Eternals for Marvel Studios, star Don Lee could have shared a movie poster teaser with the assembled team as they watch the celestials watch.

Eternals star Don Lee has shared a rare insight into what it's like to work on a Marvel Studios movie, offering us a sneak peek of what could be the movie's first teaser poster and the letter he received from Kevin Feige and his team. Welcoming him to the Marvel Cinematic Universe where the actor plays the heroic Gilgamesh.

If you look closely at the actor's right you can see what appears to be a framed work of art depicting the entire team of Eternals in the shadows as a huge Celestial looms behind them.

It's a great piece of imagery, and we could easily see it on a teaser poster in the not-too-distant future. Of course, this may have been created exclusively for those who worked on Eternals, but the hope is that we can see something official from the movie very soon.

Take a look at Lee's Instagram post below:

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마블 이터널 스가 내년 2 월 개봉 합니다. 사진 은 작년 영국, 이터널 스 촬영장 1. 길가메쉬 의 트레일러 2. 마블 의 환영 편지 3. 길가메쉬 의 의자 늘 응원 해주셔서 감사 합니다. Marvel Studios & # 039; THE ETERNALS will be released in Feb 2021. Sharing with you some photos from last year, from the set in London. 1. Gilgamesh & # 039; s trailer 2. Welcome letter from Marvel Studios 3. Gilgamesh & # 039; s chair Thanks always for your support. Cheers! #Marvel #Eternals #Gilgamesh

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Eternals will feature an exciting new team of superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ancient aliens who have been living secretly on Earth for thousands of years. Continuing the events of Avengers: Endgame, an unexpected tragedy forces them out of the shadows to reunite again and face Humanity's oldest enemy: the Deviants. | Movies, comics and series

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