Even Marvel knows that if Ant-Man had entered Thanos it would have worked.

A fan theory suggested that Ant-Man might have defeated Thanos in Avengers: Endgame by going into it, and it seems like Marvel Comics agrees.

One of the funniest Avengers: Endgame fan theories was that Ant-Man could have defeated Thanos by coming in through his butt and then expanding to kill him from within his body. Although Thanos was defeated, the theory never came to pass, and if he had, the film would have gone to R rating without question. However, Marvel Comics raised the question as to why Ant-Man did not attempt to carry out that move to defeat his enemies.

The Thanos / Ant-Man theory speculated that Ant-Man would shrink, enter Thanos through his butt, and then expand to Giant-Man to shatter him from the inside. The ‘Thanus’ theory inspired many memes, and while it never happened in Vengadore: Endgame, the theory was suggested as a way to defeat one of Marvel's strongest heroes on the pages of Cosmic Ghost-Rider Destroys the Marvel history.

In Cosmic Ghost-Rider Destroys The Marvel history No. 5 from Paul Scheer, Nick Giovannetti, Nathan Stockman, Rachelle Rosenberg and Travis Lanham. In this story, future Frank Castle (possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance) is desperate to change the story in an effort to save his family from being killed. His adventures see him altering history and changing the Marvel Universe in an effort to rewrite his own past. When the story moves to a time when some of Earth's most powerful heroes are part of a circus show, Castle makes a stark suggestion. In the scene, the cosmic ghost rider angers Hulk, causing the jade giant to go insane. It was then that the cosmic ghost rider suggested that Ant-Man be able to eliminate the Hulk by flying "his you know what and then grow up." Castle pressures a reluctant Ant-Man saying "I thought you were serious about stopping him."

Ant-Man goes for the Hulk's butt, but at the last second he changes his mind and decides to find a different way to finish off the green monster. The Cosmic Ghost Rider can't believe Ant-Man almost climbed up the back of the Hulk, saying, “I can't believe you almost did. The other Ant-Man would have done it. "

Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys The Marvel history n 5

The moment is a hilarious reference to Thanus's absurd theory, and shows that even on the pages of Marvel Comics, the idea of ​​Ant-Man going inside his opponent and expanding to tear them apart isn't the worst idea, even if it's a of the grossest. Fortunately, readers don't see the plan kick in, as Ant-Man understandably flinches at the last second. For those who want to see Ant-Man enter their opponent's butt, expand and kill them, they will have to wait another day, they can at least enjoy the fact that it already happened in an X-Men comic.

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