Explanation of why the Batman costume is unique

In the spectacular first trailer of The Batman we have seen Robert Pattinson in the Dark Knight costume and director Matt Reeves comments on why he is unique.

During the DC FanDome the director of The Batman, Matt reeves, shared some very interesting information about the development of the new suit that Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne will wear. We've seen so many suits in the past, so… what could make this one so unique?

According Matt reeves, this new suit of The batman it will be more rudimentary than you used Bruce wayne in older versions and will more easily show the scars from all your night watchman work.

“We have, of course, an amazing costume designer, Jacqueline Durran, and the costume was designed by Glyn Dillon, and they are geniuses. It was great working with them. One of the really important things is being able to work with the actors. Robert Pattinson had a huge role in designing the suit, as he had to be able to wear it, he had to be able to fight with it. One of the things about this Batsuit is that it is very practical. When starting production on The Batman, the idea was for the actor to participate in the creation of the suit. So we needed to be able to see how it would fit into it and all the ways it could move, but also make it look like something that was still evolving. Even the story idea, he's in the second year so he's been using it every night. Since he goes out a lot to look for problems. You look at his hood and you really see that he has cuts. All that detail was an incredibly moving dialogue between the costume designers and myself, plus the participation of Robert Pattinson. "

The director shared a funny anecdote.

"I'll tell you this: One of the most important things about this process of The batman was that Robert Pattinson actually spoke with Christian Bale and Bale said to him: Just make sure you can relieve yourself."

The batman It will be released on October 1, 2021. And we will be facing a different movie of the Dark Knight, since it will be dark, realistic and we will see how the protagonist must solve crimes that have the police confused.

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