Ezra Miller could be an obstacle to the movie The Flash

The Flash, the movie that will come into the hands of Andy Muschietti, could have a drawback. Following the Ezra Miller scandal a few months ago, many wonder if the actor will continue in the film or another decision will be made.

These days a lot was said about The Flash and the possible inclusion of Batman of Michael Keaton in the movie. And within all of these rumors, many fans started thinking about Ezra Miller. Although the actor continues to appear as the protagonist of the new film, the truth is that a few months ago he starred in a violent video with a fan.

And we all know that the internet does not forget or forgive. Although several months have passed and the attack of Ezra Miller an unknown woman was already far away, the new rumors about Michael Keaton brought this issue back to the table. In this way many wonder if the project will continue to function and if Warner Bros It will overlook the actor's behavior, which was not only violent but also rumored to be the result of alcoholic beverages.

What will happen then?

Against this background, the comic writer and YouTuber, Grace Randolph He has put the issue back on the table and described the actor as "a great obstacle", in his video added: "We will see if they keep Ezra Miller. The jury, it seems, is still out on that. But the actor is a big obstacle. " Although the problem of Ezra Miller and the fan did not come to court, and the studio did not rule on it, there is a petition on the internet created for the actor to stop representing Barry Allen in the framework of live-action films.

The Flash It has had its ups and downs before being confirmed. Among the few details that are known of that time, is that the actor had differences with those who would have been assigned as directors of this tape: Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley. In fact, when was the scandal of Ezra Miller With the girl, Goldstein wrote on his networks: "Creative differences", noting that it would not be the first time that the actor is this aggressive and difficult to deal with. In a nutshell, Miller It could have all the characteristics to be called "a diva".

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