Ezra Miller stars in a new scandal

Actor Ezra Miller (Flash, Fantastic Animals) has new problems and could be the final end of his film career.

A few months ago, a video of the actor Ezra Miller choking a fan went viral and there was a huge social media movement for the removal of Miller from both The Flash like from the movies of Fantastic Animals spinoff of Harry Potter. But neither Miller nor the study have publicly commented on the matter yet. Now the YouTuber Grace Randolph, who has a pretty solid track record on DC Comics, comments that there may be more problems for the young star and it doesn't sound good at all.

This is the controversy:

"I will tell you something about Ezra Miller," said Randolph. "I know there could be more to it than that coming out of the DC Comics movies. And you know, we'll only see if it ever gets reported. It is similar to how I heard that Kevin Tsujihara had something about him. I heard about it like months before that story about Kevin Tsujihara broke out that was a big deal for him. Then I heard that there is something similar with Ezra, and I don't know if it will ever come out. ”

Remember that Kevin Tsujihara He left Warner Bros in 2019 for giving roles in exchange for sex and it seems that Ezra Miller would also be involved in that plot. Although the information is very vague for now, it seems that the young actor is really in trouble if everything comes to light.

Despite all the controversies that surround him, the actor Ezra Miller is still attached to some films such as Fantastic Animals 3 where he will play Credence Barebone. It will also continue to be Flash in the movie that they intend to use to fix all the continuity of the DCEU. Not forgetting that he will play Salvador Dalí in the movie Mary Harron, where a young gallery assistant embarks on a wild behind-the-scenes adventure while helping the elderly genius Salvador Dalí prepare for a great show in New York.

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