Film sagas in literature, fantasy books, and other entertainment resources

The cinema has managed to transcend far beyond the artistic frontier, going on to shape authentic lifestyles based on popular culture. The history of this industry has left behind audiovisual phenomena that have represented a before and after in all kinds of fields: from entertainment to literature. Therefore, entering the ocean of possibilities that cinema has established outside the screen, is most enriching for the people who make it.

The best comics in the film sagas

The general rule is that cinema adapt the best works of literature to the big screen; however, sometimes this is the other way around. The most obvious example of this is the ‘Star Wars’ saga. that after flying the Death Star for the first time in 1977, it has experienced an unlimited expansion. Something that we can take advantage of through portals like Books4.

On this website we find an immense catalog of books and comics in which, how could it be otherwise, George Lucas stories have found their own niche. In addition to new novels powered by Disney's narrative line, Marvel comics have earned recognition from the fan community.

Darth Vader, Han Solo, Poe Dameron or even characters from the expanded universe like Dr. Aphra have lived their own adventures in different volumes of comics. Some stories to follow in this galaxy very, very far from the hand of platforms like the previous one.

Star Wars will expand Darth Vader's story with Dr. Aphra

The fantasy of literature, to the cinema

One of the genres that has most experienced its expansion into the world of celluloid is undoubtedly fantasy. So, in case we have already seen again and again the best sagas in its audiovisual format, perhaps it is time to give the opportunity to fantasy books on which they relied.

The lord of the rings is the giant in this regard, basic work that any lover of this genre must have read. Because, while it is true that Peter Jackson carried out a work without flaws, it is also true that the imagination of J.R.R. Tolkien could not fit in three movies.

On the other hand, television is betting heavily on this type of series. Dark Matter, The Chronicles of Narnia or Locke & Key they are just some of the examples of what is already happening or is about to reach the small screen. Ideal time to anticipate and read their respective literary sources.

First trailer for Locke and Key, the new Netflix series

The everlasting humor

In addition to cinema and series, audiovisuals have left an indelible mark on the memory of millions of viewers. Grand eminences of the show that, years after his death, they are still as alive as ever. In Spain, Chiquito de la Calzada it is the greatest proof of this.

With a totally different humor, based on body expression and his strange way of speaking, he managed position himself as the greatest comedian of all time. A character that, although not fictional, seems to have come from another planet.

Remembering their shows is something we cannot miss; as well as delving into its history. Something really simple today thanks to the pragmatism of online searches.

Other ways of entertainment

Let's face it: cinema is one of the passions most attached to our society. However, sometimes it is good to put aside this art and enhance other family entertainment activities, Like the board games for children.

There are games that, regardless of the passage of time, are still as valid in society as the day they came out. We talk about some like the Elefun, the toothpick crocodile, the slot machine or the crazy monkeys.

If we go to the best websites in the sector, we can buy those suitable for our little ones by means of a click. Why they deserve the best when it comes to fun And, beyond making them dream of the Rebel Alliance ships, playing with them will be most satisfying for both parties. | Movies, comics and series