Filming the Twilight movie was miserable according to Anna Kendrick

Actress Anna Kendrick, who played Jessica Stanley in the Twilight franchise, recently revealed why the first movie was sometimes such a miserable experience.

In recent years Anna Kendrick She has become one of the most recognized faces in Hollywood, especially for her leading role in the movie series. Giving the note and for his leading role in the Jason Reitman drama Up in the Air. But before her rise to prominence, she was chosen to play Jessica Stanley in Twilight.

Released in 2008, the Twilight film was an adaptation of the popular novel written by Stephenie Meyer. The franchise was a massive success that grossed more than $ 3 billion at the worldwide box office. The saga also turned its trio of stars, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, in known names. Anna Kendrick had a smaller role, playing the friend of Beautiful swan (Stewart), although it appeared in four of the five installments of the saga. Often aided by the fact that her character was positioned as a comic relief.

In a recent interview he commented on how the filming was.

Anna Kendrick He recalled his time on the Twilight set and revealed why it wasn't always as enjoyable as he would have liked. In keeping with the spirit of the Twilight books, which featured recurring complaints about the weather, the actress confesses that the experience of filming in Portland, Oregon, was "cold and miserable."

“We shot the first Twilight movie in Portland, Oregon, and I remember the experience being cold and miserable. And I just remember that my sneakers were completely soaked and I felt like: You know, this is a really big group of people and I'm sure we'd be friends at a different time, but I want to kill everyone. It was also a kind of union. There was something about it, like you're going through some traumatic event. As if you imagine people who survive a hostage situation and are united for life. " | Movies, comics and series