Filtered first image of Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne / Batman

Michael Keaton talks about his return as BatmanMichael Keaton talks about his return as Batman

Veteran actor Michael Keaton will return as Bruce Wayne / Batman in the movie The Flash (2022) and we can already see the look he will have.

It has long been confirmed that Michael Keaton I would play again Bruce Wayne / Batman as he already did in the movies of Tim Burton 1989 and 1992. This time it will be in the solo story of The Flash starring Ezra Miller where we will also see the version of the Dark Knight from Ben affleck. Although for now we do not know if they will coincide in the same scenes.

In the image that we leave you below you can see Michael Keaton with the look she will wear in the movie playing Bruce Wayne / Batman, understandably will be an older version of the hero of Dc comics.

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What will the movie be about?

The Flash / Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) he wants to get his father out Henry Allen (Ron Livingston) from jail as he is accused of killing his mother Nora Allen (Maribel Verdú) although it is a crime that he did not commit. As he does not succeed by legal methods, he decides to use the force of speed to travel to the past and prevent the murder from happening. This action will change the present, so we will see several versions of Batman like the Ben affleck and of Michael Keaton. They have also confirmed Supergirl interpreted by Sasha street and it is speculated that we will see one Wonder woman Brazilian. Therefore, the plot will be a free adaptation of the comics of Flashpoint from the scriptwriter Geoff johns and the cartoonist Andy Kubert. Although surely the director Andy Muschietti (IT, Mom), has prepared many more surprises for us.

Are you looking forward to seeing the epic return of Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne / Batman? The movie The Flash It will premiere on November 4, 2022.

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