Filtered Marvel Studios plans for the X-Men

One of the most interesting tasks facing Marvel Studios is to introduce the mutants of the X-Men into its Cinematic Universe.

According to the new information, Kevin Feige, the boss Marvel studios, wants the new version of the X Men it's nothing like all the previous mutant movies. This is why he is looking to combat this problem by introducing multiple mutant teams. So we will not only see them in their own films, but they will appear in the rest of the installments and in the series of Disney +.

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In the comics there are many teams of X Men that could be in the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe. To mention a few, we have X-Force, New Mutants, X-Factor, Excalibur, X-Terminators, Generation X, and Marauders. So you have tons of options instead of just focusing on the X-men consisting of Cyclops, Storm, Jean Gray, Wolverine, Beast, or Professor X.

They face the most interesting casting choice in recent years.

If there is something you usually get right Marvel studios It is in selecting the perfect actor for each main character. There is no one better than Robert Downey Jr. like Iron Man, Chris Hemsworth as Thor or Chris Evans like Captain America to give some examples. But now they must choose the new Wolverine and that is going to be more complicated. Since the fans have a great memory with the interpretation of Hugh jackman, which even had a movie like Logan (2017) to be able to say goodbye to the character. So the new actor who plays the moody mutant must face a very shocking legacy.

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However with the rest of the members of the X MenIt doesn't seem like there is much more of a problem, and even if they do give him the classic comic book costumes it will surely be easy to forget the previous performances. But it is clear that Marvel studios You have plenty of options for your future movies and exciting news is sure to come in the coming months. | Cinema, comics and series