First Artemis Fowl reviews: It's so bad it entertains

We can already read the first reviews of the movie Artemis Fowl and it seems that Disney + has a pretty bad new product.

If you continue with such bad reviews, Artemis Fowl will be the movie directed by Kenneth Branagh (Thor, Hamlet) lowest rated on scoring platforms like RottenTomatoes (13%) or metacritics (32).

Artemis Fowl is based on the author's fantasy novel series of the same name Eoin Colfer. The first of those books went on sale in 2011, since then there have been seven other books in the main series. For the movie, Disney + It has spared no expense as it has a budget of about $ 125 million. Still it doesn't seem like he's convincing movie critics.

The story is about a young man who kidnaps a fairy in order to save his father. Then he will start a series of adventures that will force him to face the evil Opal Koboi.

First criticisms:

Anyone looking for entertaining adult and youth fantasy adventure will have nothing to do here at Artemis Fowl.

Smooth and incoherent, with development of thin characters like paper, construction of a world without imagination and many problems with dad.

A confusing, confusing mess, sloppy with bad intentions and worse execution.

Warm, fun and entertaining.

It's a pretty entertaining but familiar narrative that will give tweens and teens a change of pace from the "High School Musical" and "Descendants" movies this summer.

If you haven't read the "Artemis Fowl" books, you'll have a hard time following the movie. If you have read the Artemis Fowl books, you will have a hard time enjoying the movie.

Disney's Artemis Fowl offers some visual candy when it comes to his exciting action games and special effects, but he struggles to develop his characters into memorable individuals.

It really all amounts to a big wasted opportunity filled with unforgivable mistakes.

Artemis Fowl is full of busy-looking effects that don't mean anything, just to distract from the many plot elements and inconsistent characters.

Rarely in the history of cinema, such a tortured exhibition could not fully explain such an inconsistent plot. | Movies, comics and series