First image of Mel Gibson as Santa Claus in his new movie

Actor Mel Gibson will star in the dark comedy Fatman where he will play Santa Claus and we can already see the first image.

Mel Gibson He's starred in low-profile movies in recent years, so his best chance of regaining his former status as one of the biggest stars in the business is much more likely to come as a director.

Since Mel Gibson hasn't lost any of his visual or storytelling prowess, as his film shows To a man (2016). As it grossed 180 million at the box office and garnered six Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director, where it took victories for Best Sound Mix and Best Film Editing.

As an actor, the 64-year-old has struggled to gain real momentum lately and has been largely relegated to supporting roles in movies like Get the Gringo or Blood Father. While Lethal Weapon 5 has the potential to be Mel Gibson's biggest hit in a long time, should the fifth installment in the franchise ever happen. But before that we will see him in the unexpected role of Santa Claus in the upcoming black comedy Fatman.

The movie looks like a much more sinister twist on Netflix's The Christmas Chronicles with Kurt Russell.

Fatman is about a 12-year-old boy who hires a hit man to kill jolly old Santa Claus after having a lump of coal in his sock. The ever-reliable Walton Goggins plays the hit man in what is shaping up to be a unique take on a typical Christmas movie - you can already see the first picture of Mel Gibson as Santa Claus below.

Saban Films recently acquired the distribution rights. Although it is not yet known if it will be released in theaters or will be launched directly on a streaming platform. Based on the concept alone though, we at least know that Mel Gibson's Fatman should arrive before the end of the year. | Cinema, comics and series