First image of the remake of Boys of the Corn

The 1984 horror film Children of the Corn will have an updated version, so we'll be scared again.

Something that always hits in the horror genre are creepy kids. But without a doubt one of the most remembered films is The corn boys. The adaptation of the novel by Stephen King It is considered a classic and now, it is about to have an updated version for a new generation of viewers.

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This remake of The corn boys It has gone a bit unnoticed, perhaps because there are no big names involved. But what is clear is that with the first image they are already captivating the whole world.

In addition we can also read the first official synopsis.

“A psychopathic twelve-year-old girl in a small town in Nebraska recruits all the other children and goes on a bloody rampage, killing corrupt adults and anyone else who opposes her. A brilliant high school student who doesn't accept the plan is the city's only hope of survival. "

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It is a somewhat surprising twist of the plot of The Boys of the Corn, since it is not specified if the demonic entity that turned children into evil beings will also exist. Named "He who walks behind the rows" (in English "He who walks behind the rows"), this being that traveled at high speed inside the earth, caused the children to kill the adults.

Since it seems that the new remake of Boys of the Corn will focus on the events that caused the great massacre of adults, instead of following the story a few years later as it happened in the original film. Even so, it will continue to be just as interesting and sure to cause terror in all viewers. | Cinema, comics and series