Friday the 13th: Blumhouse wants to restart the horror saga

The Blumhouse founder wants the company to take it upon himself to bring Jason Voorhees and Friday the 13th back to the big screen.

If we have to mention the most popular characters of the horror genre, we cannot forget Jason voorhes. The first installment of Friday the 13th It was released in 1980 and since then the killer has terrorized generations. After 10 movies and a confrontation with him Freddy Krueger from Elm Street, the saga had its first reboot. The 2009 version did not get good reviews and left the dissatisfied public. But Jason is still one of the serial killers of horror movies with more fans and there are many who wait his return to the big screen. And there are already studies ready to take over.

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Jason Blum, founder and producer of Blumhouse commented on his desire to reboot Friday the 13th and present it to a new audience. In an interview with CinePop, they asked Blum what was the next horror saga he wanted to restart and he answered that it would undoubtedly be Jason's. "I would love to do Friday the 13th. I would do it as a movie."

Nor is it the first time that the producer has spoken of his wishes to acquire the rights of the horror classic. When asked by Fandom if he wanted to reboot the movies, Blum responded as follows. “I also have the same question. But I have no answer. I have already said before. I would love to do it and it is very difficult, but I hope to do it one day. "

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For its part, it would not be unreasonable for Blumhouse to take over the rights and present a new Friday the 13th in the future. The studio specializes in bass horror titles budget and in recent years has presented big hits. Among them the acclaimed Get out, Paranormal Activity Y Sinister, scientifically the most terrifying movie in history.

They also have certain experience in reboots of horror classics, for better or for worse. They took care of the remake of Black christmas, the Invisible Man and recently from Youth and Witches. They also know how to deal with popular serial killers at the height of Jason vorhees. The company is behind the new Halloween trilogy which premieres its second part next year.

Jason's legal battle

Blumhouse could join forces with Stephen King which seeks to create a Friday the 13th from Jason's point of view. But the situation is not so easy. In recent years the exploitation rights of the saga have given way to a great legal showdown. Director Sean S. Cunningham was in charge of the first installment with the script of Victor millers. But they did not expect the franchise to become the success it is now. In recent years Miller has wanted to win more rights in the saga and he succeeded after the first trial.

The future of the franchise is complicated because, although Jason is known for the hockey mask, this item is not entered until third movie. So until there is an agreement between the two parties, no films can be developed with the murderer or they will not be able to use the title Friday the 13th. | Cinema, comics and series