Gal Gadot could join Netflix's Old Guard 2

After the success of the first installment, Netflix is ​​already preparing The Old Guard 2 and they want to have Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman).

How the first installment got fully into the ranking of the 10 most viewed original films in the history of Netflix, it is normal that they want to do The old guard 2. After more than 72 million views and widespread praise from fans and critics, they will have to bet big to continue the story, that's why they want a great actress like Gal gadot to give a great blow of effect.

The adaptation of the comic ended with a very open ending, which makes you want to see The Old Guard 2 more. Charlize Theron and Netflix are working on Atomic 2but after that, the way should be clear to bring the band of immortal mercenaries back to the screen.

They will expand the cast.

Of course, any high-profile blockbuster sequel always tends to add more stars to the cast, and now according to sources who got the Extraction sequel and a The Witcher prequel right, they say Netflix has its sights set on Gal Gadot. hoping to add another talent to Old Guard 2.

According to the information, Netflix is ​​very impressed with the work of the former Fast and Furious star in the new movie they are preparing starring Dwayne johnson, entitled Red Notice. So he wants to team up with her again for a new project as soon as possible. Gal Gadot's well-established action hero credentials would make Old Guard 2 the ideal candidate for her upcoming collaboration with the streaming service. It will be interesting to see what interpretive duo he does with the great actress Charlize Theron.

Remember that Gal Gadot is about to release Wonder Woman 1984, which will surely be one of the highest grossing films of 2020. | Cinema, comics and series