Gal Gadot could return to Fast and Furious

The Fast and Furious saga has featured a ton of actors throughout all of its films and Gal Gadot could make his big return.

Finally, the franchise Fast and furious seems to be intending to add more women to generally male-centric movies. As a result, one of the most popular female characters in the series' history could return from the grave for a new installment. As Gal gadot is currently in talks to reprise his role as Gisele, which led to the role of Wonder woman, with which he became a world star.

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Currently Gal gadot he is in one of the best moments of his career. Since at Christmas it will premiere Wonder Woman 1984 (if the Coronavirus allows it) and is currently filming a Netflix blockbuster with Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds titled Red Notice. On his agenda are several projects where he will play Cleopatra already Irena Sendler. Without forgetting that we will see it in the version of League of Justice by Zack Snyder that will premiere on HBO Max in 2021.

It is unclear which movie he would return to.

For now it is not known if it will be in Fast and furious 10 or in some spin-off and it is not known how he will return, since supposedly the character of Gal gadot died in Fast and furious 6.

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But you also have to remember that a few weeks ago, the Dwayne johnson has been pushing for me to sign for Hobbs & Shaw 2, although the outcome of the negotiations is currently unclear. Either way it seems that Gal gadot will appear in the franchise once again. There are also certain rumors that they would make a film in the saga only starring women and that story would be perfect for their great return.

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