Gloria Mundi (2019), by Robert Guédiguian – Review

Fierce criticism
from Guédiguian to capitalism and precariousness
from work. As well intentioned as disjointed, abrupt and easy.

Gloria Mundi exposes a portrait not alien to the world of Robert Guédiguian. The human drama, the survival against adversity and the alienation of the individual are the triptych of the French director.

This time the story tells the adventures and
shortages of a Marseille family (location by par excellence of the filmmaker)
and the world left to little Gloria, the newborn daughter. By
Of course, nothing is easy for this working-class race, enraged and with a
undeniable bad luck to thrive in the current labor mechanism. As usual in his work more
politicians, capitalism and consumer society go wrong in this harassment and
demolition of Guédiguian, who once again uses the immense Ariane Ascaride (his
woman in real life) to vertebra the thread of misfortune.

Gloria Mundi proudly display the fat brush of your message.

The movie deliberately faces both
generations (senior citizens and thirties). By
course, to praise the generosity of the first and criticize the amorality of
the second. Maybe not as much as a demolition to the bearers of the new
values, but reflecting a regret for being hopelessly devoted to the
unhappiness for the contour conditions that oppress them. Marseille director
offers no room for maneuver to the viewer: we are going to get worse and there are no nuances that

Accused of Maniquea -and rightly-, Gloria Mundi proudly display the fat brush of your message. It would not have bothered so much if it had been accompanied by a good story instead of an accumulation of calamities that take the viewer out of the plot by supersaturation. Too bad, since the underlying honesty of the proposal is at odds with the despotic nuance of its forms.

Synopsis A family gathers in Marseille to celebrate the birth of little Gloria. Although everyone rejoices, life is hard and they live difficult times. But the ambitious uncle of Gloria comes up with an idea for a business that could get them out of the bad time.
country France
Direction Robert Guédiguian
Script Robert Guédiguian, Serge Valletti
Photography Pierre Milon
Distribution Gérard Meylan, Robinson Stévenin, Anaïs Demoustier, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Lola Naymark, Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet, Angelica Sarre, Ariane Ascaride, Pauline Caupenne, Yann Tregouët, Mathilde Ulmer
Gender Drama
Duration 107 min.
Title original Gloria Mundi
Premiere 11/29/2019

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