Godzilla vs Kong will show the giant gorilla with a different look

The Godzilla vs Kong movie will have the two titans of the cinema face to face. But the gorilla will have to grow a lot to face the giant lizard.

They have prepared a prequel comic for Godzilla vs Kong, where we can see an adult Kong, old and bearded, about to face his greatest challenge. Since we are facing the greatest battle that has ever been seen in the cinema.

For now the studio keeps the plot a secret, they don't even explain why all the Titans are headed to Skull Island. Still, each movie release has been accompanied by comic books and graphic novels that give very interesting details.

They also include impressive images of a Kong older and taller than ever, with a long, uneven beard. The Kong seen in Kong: Skull Island was clearly just a baby, which explains why it has now grown to a size that Godzilla can reach.

Godzilla vs Kong will show the giant gorilla with a different look

The comics also show an abnormally large white tiger.

We may be able to see the saber-toothed tiger in Godzilla vs Kong. But this creature was originally meant to appear in Kong: Skull Island. In The Art and Making of Kong: Skull Island, writer John Gatins described a never-developed scene in which two of these creatures attacked soldiers.

"The characters had landed on the island and spent the night on the beach before traveling inland. They sit and drink beer by the fire. In the morning after this raucous night, two saber-toothed tigers emerge from the jungle and sniff around the camp. Someone says, "Don't shoot and they will go," but a man shoots and kills one. They were a couple and the other animal just goes crazy. Kill the guy who shot. It is like the incident that causes a war. A kind of omen. You are in a place you do not know and now you have awakened more than you think. It was the first indication that we are not in a normal place. There is no saber-toothed tiger and it was huge on top. ”

Fans were delighted with the different designs of the tigers, given the species name Icaris tigris, making it exciting to see them sucked into the canon. This gives Kong's growth a sense of scale, as it towers above the lone Icaris tigris seen in the comic. It will be interesting to see if any of the other creatures designed for Kong: Skull Island appear in the next Godzilla vs. Kong matchup.

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