Guardians of the Galaxy 3: Mark Hamill clears up rumors about his involvement

After many rumors, several fans wonder if Mark Hamill will finally be in Guardians of the Galaxy 3. The actor decided to break the silence and told the truth.

On several occasions, James Gunn revealed that he would love to see Mark Hamill in the new movie Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Of course this dream caught the attention of fans, who hoped it would come true. However, it seems that this wish will not come true since the actor himself Star wars denied that it will happen.

Recently, a Twitter user used the platform to lure Mark Hamill and tell him how much he wants to see him on the big screen with Star-Lord and his gang. But, unfortunately, the actor gave an answer that was not at all encouraging but that finally cleared up the rumor about his participation in the film. "I won't be in the movie, but I will definitely see it!" Said the actor who could have a secret cameo on The Mandalorian.https: // Ref_src = twsrc% 5Etfw% 7Ctwcamp% 5Etweetembed% 7Ctwterm% 5E1278225246240116736% 7Ctwgr% 5E & ref_url = https% 3A% 2F% 2Fmark-hamill-clarifies-rumors-about-their-participation-in-guardians-of-the-galaxy-3. html

A dream not fulfilled

With this response, the person responsible for giving life to Luke Skywalker confirmed that Guardians of the Galaxy 3 will not be present.. Although it must be taken into account that the film is barely in the pre-production phase, so it may be the case that the director convinces him to join the team.

Two years ago, rumors of Mark Hamill's possible role in the tape skyrocketed after a fan asked James Gunn to include the also voice actor in his next project. Before this, the creative responded positively, affirming that he was a neighbor of the interpreter, so he would go to his house to offer him the collaboration. Even the actor replied that he would be willing to do it.

However, in November 2019, it was the filmmaker himself who confirmed that, although both had had friendly conversations, the subject of a contribution was not even touched on. Despite this, the rumor continued, as there were many fans who claimed that Mark Hamill would indeed be part of such a galactic adventure playing the scientist creator of Rocket. | Movies, comics and series