Guardians of the Galaxy Theory: Why does Drax think he is invisible?

There's a fun Guardians of the Galaxy theory that explains why Drax thinks he can be invisible if he moves too slowly.

At last we can know why Drax (Dave Bautista) really thought he was invisible in a funny scene from Avengers: Infinity War. The explanation is offered by a theory of Guardians of the Galaxy and everything has to do with the type of race to which the strong member of the most peculiar team of all the world belongs. Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This Guardians of the Galaxy theory is from a Reddit user.

Supposedly Drax and those of his kind cannot see beings that are completely still.

As the Redditor in question says, the evidence has to do largely with Groot and the post-credits scene from the first movie. Since while dancing he bothers Drax, but when he stops, his teammate seems not to see him. If this Guardians of the Galaxy theory turns out to be accurate, this means that Groot deliberately stops his dance to become invisible to him.

Then he realized that things that don't move or move incredibly slowly are essentially invisible. This is posed by the Guardians of the Galaxy theory. "Similar to how the vision of the T-Rex is described. However, what he doesn't realize is that other species do not have this same disadvantage. So when he tries his hilarious moment of invisibility in the next Avengers movie, he is unable to understand why it is absolutely absurd to others. He is convinced of a reality that simply is not the case for everyone else. ”

He will return for a third installment.

This Guardians of the Galaxy theory could be refuted in the third installment that James Gunn will release in the coming years. That film will signify the farewell of these charismatic characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it is speculated that Drax will be able to reunite with his daughter who he believes is dead. Which would give a little peace for this traumatized character. Although we will discover that when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 is released. | Movies, comics and series