Hackers (1995) could have a sequel

Director Iain Softley responsible for Hackers says that returning to that universe has been actively considered.

25 years ago a film set in the world of computers was released with a style that could remind the cyberpunk and that it was moderately successful, since Hackers It raised little money, but over time it has become a cult movie.

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The history Hackers focuses on Dade Murphy (Jonny Lee Miller) that as a child he managed to bring down hundreds of Wall Street systems, making him a legend. So the authorities prohibited him from using a computer until he was 18 years old. But when he comes of age, he moves to New York and meets other young people with the same abilities as Kate Libby (Angelina Jolie), Ramόn Sánchez (Renoly Santiago) Y Emmanuel Goldstein (Matthew Lillard). Together they challenge a large company and the FBI and prove that they are the best at destroying computer systems.

In a recent interview the director has commented that there are possibilities of a sequel.

“We are considering it. I have to say it for the first time in 25 years, and we probably started this conversation a year or two ago, after the 20th anniversary, I never thought it was anything interesting. But with Hackers we anticipated something and then it happened. And then it was a bit omnipresent. Whereas, what happened now, with big data, and how it really broke through and became perhaps the dominant force in the world, in terms of influencing politics, finance, and elections. I think there is a call for the first time to the Knights of the Round Table and they should be awakened to answer the call again. And there are a couple of conversations.

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Iain Softley He noted that the technology landscape is quite different now than it was then:

“It was a much simpler landscape at that time, in 1995. It is much more complex now. It is much more dangerous that it becomes obsolete almost as soon as the movie is released. But there are certain cast members, certainly the guys who work with DNEG's Chris Nolan, they are asked all the time, 'Why aren't there more Hackers?' And on the internet, on Twitter and on social media. , people ask about that possibility. So, it is being explored. But I don't think any of us want to do it unless we think it's worth doing. We would not do it as a simple business exercise. But there has been interest from the major producers. So it's something that's being actively considered for the first time, really. "

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