Halloween 2020: 10 horror movies to spend a spooky night

The pandemic will have spoiled Halloween plans but with these movies you can continue to have a scary night.

Halloween It is that night of the year in which children and not so children take the opportunity to dress up, meet friends and generally have a good time in company. But this year the only masks we will see on the streets will be the regulatory ones to protect us from the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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This year we will have to change the costumes and the meetings for the sofa, blanket and you favorite streaming platform. With the movies that we will recommend you, you can continue to spend a Halloween night full of scares. What is your favorite horror movie?

Halloween 2020: 10 horror movies to spend a spooky night

Halloween Night (1978)

And what better way to start Halloween than with a movie that takes the title of the celebration. Halloween night introduces us to Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) A teenage girl who plans to spend a quiet night babysitting. But her plans are thwarted when a murderer starts stalking her and her friends. Michael Myers He is an icon of horror cinema and these films are classics. But it is always good to revisit them, especially at this time.

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Halloween night is available at Prime and Filimin.

Halloween 2020: 10 horror movies to spend a spooky night

The Devil's Legacy (2018)

If there is a horror director who is on the rise that is Ari aster. Midsommar it was a success that revolutionized folk horror but his first film is not far behind either. The Devil's Legacy is starring Toni Collete and it's probably one of his best performances. In her Annie he will look for a way to face the death of his mother and daughter. But in the process, he will drag his entire family into the presence of a supernatural entity.

The Devil's Legacy is available at HBO.

Us (2019)

Another director who seeks to revolutionize the horror genre is Jordan peele. The comical change of register with Get out and I continue to surprise with We. Imagine if there was a world under the ground just like ours but more bizarre. A world in which positive acts translate into violence. Now imagine that the people of this world managed to escape and stalk their other versions. This situation is what you will have to face Adelaide (Lupita Nyong’o) in Us.

We are available at Prime.

Halloween 2020: 10 horror movies to spend a spooky night

The Host (2006)

Almost 15 years before releasing the acclaimed Parasites, the Korean director Bong joon-ho broke the boundaries of cinema with another film. Due to the constant chemical waste dumped into the Han River over the years, a scary creature. This monster decides to attack the citizens and kidnaps the daughter of a merchant that he will have to do everything in his power to save her.

The Host is available at Rakuten TV.

Halloween 2020: 10 horror movies to spend a spooky night

Suspiria (1977) and (2018)

Another Halloween classic are the witches. In the 70 Dario Argento started the trilogy of The three mothers. But the most popular is his first installment. Suspiria transports us to Freiburg with Suzy bannion (Jessica Harper). The young woman will arrive at a prestigious ballet academy but will soon realize that there is something darker behind the scenes. The film had a remake in 2018 by the hand of Luca guadagnino.

Both versions of Suspiria are available in Prime.

REC (2007)

One of the Spanish horror titles with the most international projection is the REC saga. It has an American remake but it does not live up to the one directed by Jaume Balaguero Y Paco Plaza. As a footage found in REC we follow Angela (Manuela Velasco) and her cameraman (Pablo Rosso). What had to be a filming without much movement changes when they are locked in a building. A virus has spread and it begins to affect the neighbors.

REC (2007) is available at Netflix, Filmin, Prime and Movistar +.

Village of the Damned (1960)

Based on the novel of the midwich knives and directed by Wolf Rilla. In the Town of the Damned, several women from a small town get pregnant at the same time for no apparent reason. As the children grow, the neighbors will realize the danger they pose. Ideal if this Halloween you feel like something more classic. The film also features a '90s remake directed by John carpenter.

The Village of the Damned is available at Filmin.

Halloween 2020: 10 horror movies to spend a spooky night

Sinister (2012)

Considered the scariest movie of all time, it was necessary to include Sinister on this Halloween list. Scott derrickson presents us with one of the most used topics in terror: a family moves into a haunted house. Ellison (Ethan Hawke) is a real crime writer on a losing streak chasing his big break. But everything will turn against him when he realizes that he has put his family in a paranormal situation from which they cannot escape.

Sinister is available in Prime and Netflix.

Wedding Night (2019)

Everyone says your wedding day should be the happiest of your life, but for the protagonist of Wedding night it is the opposite. The directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin Y Tyler gillett face Grace (Samara Weaving) against her new husband's family. What seemed like a harmless game turns into a hideout where loser dies.

Wedding Night is available in Movistar +.

Train to Busan (2016)

If there is a subgenre that remains popular in horror despite the years, it is zombies. And with Train to Busan we see the korean's vision Yeon sang-ho. Sok-woo he is a busy businessman who has no time for his family. In an attempt to improve the relationship he makes a trip with your daughter. But everything gets complicated when someone infected by a dangerous virus gets on the train and start to infect the rest. Perfect for this Halloween marked by the pandemic.

Train to Busan is available at Prime, Filmin and Movistar +.

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