Halloween Kills will be a great "masterpiece"

Halloween Kills será una gran "obra maestra"

Jamie Lee Curtis recently spoke about Halloween Kills and revealed that this movie will be a great “masterpiece”.

Although the premiere of Halloween Kills was delayed until next year, many people are eager to see what will happen in this new movie. While we wait for the premiere of this new film, Jamie Lee Curtis was in charge of providing new details on the next film by Michael Myers. According to the actress, this film will be a great masterpiece that coincides with the agitated social movements of this 2020.

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In 2018, Halloween was tasked with bringing Haddonfield back to us four decades after mental patient Michael Myers escaped from a psychiatric hospital and caused an unprecedented massacre. In this way, the film removed everything we had seen in the sequels that followed John Carpenter's 1978 film, and showed us a Laurie Strode living with the trauma of having been the survivor of a bloody Halloween and a mask that never may forget.

Unsurprisingly, Halloween swept the box office, fetching a whopping $ 255 million worldwide. A new film titled Halloween Kills was quickly confirmed. This movie will be used as the continuation of the terrible night that Laurie, her daughter and her granddaughter had to face Michael Myers.

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A masterpiece

In a recent interview, Jamie Lee Curtis spoke about Halloween Kills and how the film will continue to develop the trauma experienced by the characters of the famous franchise: “What we were seeing across the land of power, of the rage of voices, great groups of people coming together enraged by the set of circumstances, that's what the movie is about. The movie is about a mafia. That is why it is very interesting, because it addresses what happens when a trauma infects an entire community ”.

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