Harry Styles wants to be the next James Bond

Who will be the next James Bond? Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill, Hugh Jackman or Harry Styles? Many names sound to be the famous secret agent.

They have recently confirmed a news that was inevitable, since they have delayed James Bond: No Time to Die for the year 2021, even so the rumors about who will be next Agent 007 they don't stop and every day there is a new name on the table. Since this movie will be the last of Daniel Craig. Now he's been the actor / singer Harry Styles who has commented that he would be delighted to give life to one of his great cinematographic heroes.

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In a recent interview the singer of the band One Direction, Harry Styles, said it would be his dream to play James Bond at some point in his life.

"I grew up watching that," said Harry Style. “You know, I loved him when I was a kid. So I think it's a bit of everyone's dream, right? "

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Although Harry Styles became a household name for his involvement in the band one directionSince then he has devoted himself to acting and a solo music career. Outside of a recurring appearance in Saturday night Live, but his biggest role to date came with Dunkirk (2017) of Christopher Nolan.

Daniel Craig has confirmed on more than one occasion that No time to die it will be his last appearance as 007.

While debating who will be next James bond, with a list consisting of Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill, Hugh Jackman or Harry Styles, the actor Daniel Craig has said goodbye to the character.

"This is all. That's it, it's over, ”Daniel Craig said of his departure in an interview earlier this year. “But I, for one, am incredibly happy to have the opportunity to go back and do another one, because… This movie, what people think of it, who knows what people are going to think, everyone, including this one. people here. We just put everything into it. And we did our best. And it feels like this. I know it sounds simplistic, but we did it. "

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