Hawkeye is a trending topic for racial protests in the United States

The reason why Hawkeye was trending on Twitter for an hour in the United States had nothing to do with the Marvel hero. It was because of a man with a bow and arrows who threatened people.

During the weekend, the term Hawkeye (Hawkeye) began to appear in Twitter with great force. But it had nothing to do with the character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, nor with the comics, nor with the actor who played him, Jeremy Renner. Instead, it turned out to be due to a person who drove into downtown Salt Lake City during one of the protests and got out of the car brandishing a bow and arrow. Some images that have gone around the world.

Some of those scenes have included heroes disguised as Batman along with the protesters. However, when Hawk Eye It began to be a trend, it was clear that it was not an intervening cosplayer. But because of a situation that could have been very dangerous.

Hawkeye is a trending topic for racial protests in the United States

Twitter exploded denouncing the incident.

Several protesters rushed this moment to social media to inform the police about the incident. So this fake Hawkeye was stopped (later identified as Brandon McCormick in an interview). Meanwhile, protesters allegedly overturned their vehicle and set it on fire. In the interview, McCormick said protesters had reached the window of his car and assaulted him before leaving it. Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall made a statement about the incident. She said police had gathered enough information and were planning to press charges against McCormick in the coming days.

Hopefully everything calms down in America and if a superhero like Hawkeye is a trending topic, the reason is related to movies or comics.

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