Hawkeye really didn't want to lift Thor's hammer in Age of Ultron?

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Every member of the Avengers attempted to lift Thor's hammer in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but Hawkeye already knew he couldn't, and here's why.

Avengers: Age of Ultron saw the most powerful team of superheroes on earth attempt to lift Thor's hammer, but Hawkeye wasn't really interested in doing it, here's why. Following their first mission together in The Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye reunited in Avengers: Age of Ultron, where they came face-to-face with an entirely new type of enemy. whose goal was to destroy humans, as he thought they were the root of all earth's troubles. Said villain was Ultron, an android that began as a peacekeeping program developed by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner and turned corrupt after being propelled by the Mind Stone.

Just minutes before Ultron made his first physical appearance and introduced himself (and his thoughts on humanity) to the Avengers, the team was enjoying the end of a party at the Avengers headquarters. While they were drinking and having fun, the meeting turned into a competition to see if anyone could lift Thor's hammer as they didn't believe there was a requirement to “be worthy” and it was all a trick, or physics, as Tony Stark suggested. . This friendly competition was started by Hawkeye, who made a comment that the Hammer Charm was false.

Clint Barton pointed out that it was a trick, and Thor assured him that it was much more than that. Clint insisted, and Thor challenged him to try to pick it up to really check that it was not a trick. The archer hesitated briefly, but ended up trying and failing. However, there is a line that can be easily overlooked, as it appears right after Tony makes a joke and the rest laugh: Hawkeye tells Thor that he “has seen this before”, so he does not he was too surprised to see that he really couldn't. pick him up, even asking the God of Thunder how he does it.

Hawkeye's debut in the MCU was not in The Avengers, but in Thor, released a year before they all joined forces for the first time. There, Hawkeye witnessed Thor's attempts to lift the hammer when the Asgardian hero was banished to Earth and therefore did not have any of his powers, meaning that he was not worthy to hold the hammer. Although he was not present when Thor regained his powers and the hammer returned to him, he saw him using it in The Avengers, so he was aware that there was something special there, and yet he mocked Thor about it in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The rest of the Avengers (and Rhodey) also tried to lift the hammer, and Captain America moved it slightly (hinting that he is worthy and finally uses the hammer in Avengers: Endgame) and Black Widow just passing the opportunity as “no it was a question she needed to answer. “

Of all the original Avengers, Hawkeye is the one that fans feel was most forgotten throughout his time in the MCU, so it's not surprising that many have forgotten that he witnessed some really important moments, such as the Thor's attempts to retrieve his hammer. Hawkeye surely didn't expect Thor to challenge him when he started taunting him about the hammer, and ended up confirming what he already knew: no one is worthy of holding the hammer.

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