HBO Max wants to do more with Ben Affleck's Batman

There are many plans for DC Comics characters both in film and on the HBO Max platform and the one who benefited the most could be Ben Affleck's Batman.

Earlier this year, we had no hope of ever seeing Ben Affleck's Batman never more. Now, we have two upcoming projects that will feature the actor again playing the great hero of DC Comics. One of them is the Zack Snyder's Justice League, the original version of the team movie filmed in 2016/2017, and the second is The Flash, which will bring back to Ben affleck next to Barry Allen of Ezra Miller. Suddenly, it doesn't seem so unlikely that we can go beyond these two projects.

Certainly, there have been various reports and rumors that Warner Bros. are interested in working with the Batman v Superman star again in future DCEU productions. But now the reports go further and from HBO Max they say they want much more from Batman of Ben affleck.

The actor must decide if he wants to remain the Dark Knight.

Own Ben affleck He has yet to commit to anything beyond The Flash. Likewise, the studio is reluctant to move forward with any follow-up related to the Snyderverse until they see how well the Justice League director's cut does on streaming service HBO Max next year. However, there is a Ben Affleck Batman script and who knows if it could come true.

From what we could see on the one hand the Ben Affleck's Batman and on the other that of Robert Pattinson. Two totally different styles, but who knows if it can coexist at the same time in time. Especially if one goes to the movies and the other to the streaming service. | Cinema, comics and series