Henry Cavill could become the highest paid actor in history

Actor Henry Cavill is currently in one of the best moments of his film career, but the future could be even brighter.

The relationship between Henry cavill Y Netflix is being very good, since for now they have collaborated in the series The witcher where do you play Geralt of Rivia and in the movie Enloa Holmes, where he plays the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. The streaming platform is praising the actor's professionalism and dedication to his characters, something they highly value. That is why they want to expand their contractual relationship with more projects.

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According to the new information, Netflix wants to secure a long-term contract with the actor, that is why they are looking for new projects with large budgets so that Henry cavill participant. This would make him the highest paid actor in history, since the streaming platform would push very hard for him to work with them and not leave with other film studios. Therefore we would no longer see it in DC Comics how Superman and I would spend a lot of time in Netflix. Something similar to what they are doing with Adam Sandler, with whom they have already made a few films and also want to extend their contract further.

The actor sounds for a lot of projects.

It must be recognized that Henry cavill is in fashion, The witcher surpassed even the most optimistic projections by becoming one of the most popular television shows and one of the most-watched original projects of Netflix. Season 2 is currently being filmed, but a spin-off is already in the works that will tell the story of the first witcher, as Netflix points to the fantasy series as one of its main properties.

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If that wasn't enough, Henry Cavill once again captured the hearts and imaginations of subscribers around the world as Sherlock in Enola Holmes, which broke records and looks set to spawn a hugely popular franchise. It could also include a spin-off for the actor.

It has also been linked to Marvel studios how Captain britania and it could be the new James bond, without forgetting that we will see him again as Superman in the new version of Zack snyder of the League of Justice. But beyond that he has no more projects, since Henry cavill is waiting to sign with Netflix a super contract and become the highest paid actor in history.

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