Henry Cavill wants to play Superman for many more years

It is not news that Henry Cavill wants to be Superman again. The actor confirmed this wish again, despite the responsibility that this character demands and to be part of the DC Extended Universe.

Despite its weak box office, some rather negative reviews and mixed reactions on League of Justice, the continuation of Henry Cavill how Superman was questioned. These doubts had arisen because both he and Ben Affleck he preferred to let his characters rest and make way for the new litter of actors. However, the protagonist of The witcher He no longer thinks the same.

Now after HBO Max I have given the long-awaited #SnyderCut the green light, Henry Cavill He wanted to make it clear that if it were up to him, he would still be Superman, because he is more than willing to continue playing the beloved DC superhero. "I've always been a fan of Superman. With a character like that, you take the weight off the set and become part of your public figure. When I meet children they don't see me as Henry Cavill but they see Superman, which brings with it a responsibility. Being such a powerful character, this is a responsibility I am delighted to take, so I look forward to being Superman for many years to come. ”

“My life has changed dramatically because of this role and has opened doors to other roles. He is one of those characters who has taught me a lot about myself and has completely changed the course of my career, something for which I am incredibly grateful, "revealed the actor. Recently, there were rumors that he was going to star in a new Superman movie but later he denied himself.

The Snyder Cut comes to light

Henry Cavill he is one of the actors who fully supports Zack Snyder's version of Justice League see the light, a movie we would see for "early or mid 2021" on HBO Max. After so many campaigns and waiting, fans finally managed to get this short to come out.

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