Henry Cavill wants today's most sought-after paper

Actor Henry Cavill after being Superman, Geralt of Rivia and Sherlock Holmes, wants to play one of the most famous characters in cinema.

Who will be the new James Bond? It is one of the great mysteries of current cinema, almost at the level of who will be the new Wolverine. But while Marvel look for the perfect actor to give life to the most beloved mutant, Daniel Craig says goodbye to the most famous secret agent in the world. Therefore, someone must take his place and Henry cavill I would be delighted to do so.

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Henry cavill is in the best moment of his career, since he had been playing Superman in the movies of Warner Bros / DC Comics and now it is rumored that he could shoot some scenes of the new version of the League of Justice of Zack snyder and he could also star in new stories like the Man of Steel. But the series also premiered The witcher which has had a great acceptance and fans are looking forward to the second season. Without forgetting that it continues to associate well with Netflix since he has participated in Enola Holmes, giving life to the famous detective Sherlock Holmes.

Even if Henry cavill wants more and would be delighted to play James bond, but everything points to what will be Tom hardy the new secret agent 007.

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"If Barbara (Bond producer Barbara Broccoli) and Mike (co-producer Michael G. Wilson) were interested in that, I would definitely seize the opportunity," Henry Cavill confessed in a recent interview. “At this stage, everything is up in the air. We will see what happens. But yeah, I would love to play Bond, it would be very, very exciting. "

After Daniel Craig stage a great actor is needed for the role.

Definitely, Henry cavill it would be a great James bondBut in the end it remains to be seen what the aforementioned producers decide to do with the franchise after the film releases. No time to die. There is certainly a lot of excitement surrounding that Tom hardy He can take over, but Henry Cavill is arguably a better fit in many ways.

Which of the two actors would you like the most to be the new James Bond? Leave us your comments below.

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