Henry Cavill would appear in the post-credits of Black Adam

There were always rumors of Henry Cavill's Superman involvement in Black Adam. Now new information ensures that it will be in the post-credits scene.

After the great failure that was Justice League in 2017, the DC Extended Universe was trying to stabilize and plan big projects for the future. In this way, they decided to rescue the best of the previous films and add new characters that fascinate the audience. That is how Black Adamn emerged and according to new rumors, the participation of Henry Cavill as Superman.

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Let's remember that Henry Cavill has been a fundamental piece since the beginning of the DCEU, and the reality is that fans are fascinated with him. For this reason, when the actor did not appear in the post-credit scenes of the film starring Zachary Levi, the audience was disappointed. But, apparently, this reality could change. According to new information, the actor could appear in the new film that The Rock is preparing as Black Adam, the lonely villain and arch enemy of Shazam.

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Will we see him as Superman?

The website We got this covered, carried out a compilation that explains what could happen in Black Adam. According to them, Henry Cavill extended his contract with Warner Bros to continue playing Superman, although it is suspected that these participations would be only as cameos. Which, if so, this information would fit perfectly with the post-credits scenes of The Rock movie.

On the other hand, Dwayne Johnson spoke about his interest in Superman having an encounter with his character, either to fight or to generate a friendship bond: “The other part of this answer is, you know, I always thought it would be great to hang out with superman. That would be nice, I mean, we are somewhat similar in terms of our powers, our strengths, our speeds because look, at the end of the day you never know. Black Adam and Superman could become friends, or they won't. "

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