Hercules: The Russo promise a "different story" for live-action

Apparently, the live-action remake is being a huge cash inflow for Disney, and for this reason, the producer wants to make more movies of this nature. Hercules will be the next project and will feature the Russo brothers.

Disney He plans to continue making money through live-action remakes of his animated classics. Recently, it was announced that the Russo brothers will produce the version with actors from Hercules, the 1997 film that won the hearts of the public but was not a box office success. In fact, the brothers have embarked on this project in part because they and their children are "fans of‘ Hercules "and are" in love with the original. "

Anthony and Joe Russo They have given news about the project in an interview with Collider. The most important thing is that they have said that they do not want to do “a literal translation” of the animation classic and that they are going to give us “a different story”: “I think you always have to contribute something new because from our perspective as narrators, we are not attracted to make a literal translation. It's something we've already done with our Marvel movies. We don't do literal translations of comics because we feel that if you want that story you can read it. We are going to give you a different story. I think we will do something that will follow the line of the original and will be inspired by it, but we will also bring new elements. "

Will there be music?

Although the project is still in a very early phase of development, the directors of Avengers: Endgame They have assured that "music will be part" of the film. What they cannot confirm yet is whether we could consider it a musical like the original or if they will only keep one of the songs.

While we wait to have more details, the fans are already like crazy doing their desired casting for the film. For the moment, beyond the Russo brothers as producers, the Hercules remake has Dave Callaham chosen as a screenwriter. There is currently no release date assigned.

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