Hideo Kojima reveals who Snake should be in a Metal Gear Solid movie

The legendary video game creator Hideo Kojima has in mind who is the perfect actor to bring Snake to life in a Metal Gear Solid adaptation.

Now that the creator Hideo Kojima separated from Konami, the franchise of Metal Gear Solid It has never been the same, the company tried to produce a game without it, but the Metal Gear Survive spin-off was criticized at launch and sold very poorly. So for now, there are no plans for any future titles in the series. Although they want to do a film adaptation directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts for Sony Pictures.

Vogt-Roberts (Summer Kings, Kong: Skull Island) has been working on this for years. Regularly posting concept art, celebrating important anniversaries with fan videos, and hinting at the casting. But now, Hideo Kojima himself has contributed by revealing that he has seen the perfect actor to play Snake:

“Luca Marinelli caught my attention recently after seeing The Old Guard and Martin Eden. He played an impressive villain in They Called Him Jeeg Robot, but I think he will be out soon and his popularity will increase. Also, I think if he were to wear a scarf, it would be a vivid image of Solid Snake! ”

Following these words from Hideo Kojima, many Fan Art of the actor appeared with the appearance of Snake in Metal Gear Solid. Here we leave you the one of the internet artist BossLogic.

Hideo Kojima reveals who Snake should be in a Metal Gear Solid movie

After Death Stranding you can move on to the world of cinema.

Hideo Kojima has once commented that he would love to make a movie. With the good eye he has for the actors and the great stories he creates for his video games, it would surely be a great worldwide success. Although we hope that it does not abandon the world of video games completely.

What do you think of Luca Marinelli as Snake? Do you think Hideo Kojima is right? Leave us your comments below.

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