Homo toxicus and Men in danger: documentaries on how chemicals affect health

The chemical substances they have become part of our lives. We can find many chemicals in cosmetics, cleaning products, food packaging, toys and even clothes. For example, him ammonia is a component which is used in the formulation of degreasers, stain removers, explosives, cigarettes and hair dyes.

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In the cosmetic industry, It is key in the manufacture of hair dyes. Ammonia is the responsible for the bad smell of dyes and is used for set new color. However, studies have shown that produces allergenic reactions and it's very aggressive with the skin. In that case, natural cosmetics have proposed ammonia-free products to reduce the risk. Ammonia-free dyes are composed of treating agents that protect the integrity of the hair and prevent unwanted reactions. However, many people are unaware of this information.

Given this, different productions have decided to create audiovisual content to address these issues.

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Homo toxicus

A Canadian production directed by Carole Poliquin. Homo toxicus.Show the impact of chemicals on our health. Specifically, it mentions the relationship between the toxic products commonly used and the problems they can trigger in health (cancer, allergies or hypersensitivity).

“Every day tons of chemicals are released into the environment, without knowing that they are long-term toxic to living beings. Some of them found their way into our bodies and even fetuses. Up to 247 toxic substances have been found in newborns. Today we are bequeathing our toxic load to our children along with our DNA. It is impossible to escape from this insidious contamination. "

"There are Bisphenol A in the bike bottle, in the bottles and in the resins that cover the cans. PBDs escape from computers and electrical appliances. We breathe them in every day, along with the phthalates that come from vinyl, from the lightweight plastics used to make toys, which are toxic to reproduction. The PFOA in anti-stain treatments and anti-adhesive pans is associated with effects on the thyroid and cancer ”, the documentary shows.

Men in danger

A French production showing the relationship between chemicals and problems related to male infertility. According to studies, about 30 million men around the world are infertile.

“The production of sperm in humans has suffered a spectacular drop: 50% in the last 50 years. In addition, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of cases of testicular cancer and infertility, as well as in the number of congenital malformations in the male reproductive organs. Could there be something seriously damaging to the male reproductive system? "

For Niels Skakkebaek, Danish professor and researcher, “male reproduction and sterility problems can be as dangerous as climate change ".

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