How Batman acquired superpowers

Batman is one of DC Comics' most famous powerless heroes, however he was once granted his own superpowers.

Although Batman is one of the few Justice League superheroes without powers, he remains one of the most important and resourceful heroes of DC Comics. The Dark Knight has proven that he doesn't need to fly or superhuman strength thanks to his detective work, resources, and physique. But ... What happens when Bruce Wayne gains superpowers?

In Justice League # 38 (2015) of Geoff Johns and Jason FabokLex Luthor created the Amazo virus, a synthetic plague based on Amazo, a supervillain android who had the ability to replicate metahuman powers. The Luthor virus has the opposite effect, since the metahumans exposed to it would have their meta abilities suppressed. The virus is released and causes a life-threatening infectious outbreak after Neutron attempts to kill Lex Luthor. So what happens when a normal human is exposed to the virus? They gain superpowers, which is exactly what happened to Batman. The virus leaves Bruce Wayne blind, but he gains bat powers like echolocation, as well as the ability to fire sound waves from his mouth.

How Batman acquired superpowers

The greater the power, the greater the chance that someone will be corrupted.

Batman's powers soon become troublesome for Wonder Woman and Superman, who remain uninfected. After trying to get a Lex virus with patient zero, the infected begin to attack the immune. Batman attempts to kill Superman, but the Man of Steel escapes and cuts his hand to give Lex his blood to heal himself. As Superman's body fought (and won) against the virus, his blood turned out to be the solution to cure Batman and the rest of those infected with the Amazo virus.

Batman's brief time with superpowers was undoubtedly incredible, but the character works much better as a powerless hero. Bruce pushes his body to the limit and risks his life to protect Gotham regularly. You don't need powers to match the rest of the Justice League heroes. Although the brief update was a great time for him Dark Knighteven if the infection made him briefly wicked. | Movies, comics and series